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buying colour is such a strange thing... exchanging credit for lashings of magenta and cardamon yellow...  sprinkles of precious lapuz and sunburnt bronze...  spending money to own a piece of rainbow... and the right to bend it into shapes and forms that please my soul. 

this weekend is all about colour... and soup... and magic fungus hunts in the woods.    there simply must be the smell of woodfire smoke involved somewhere in there.... it wouldn't be right without it.  oh and a fluffy hat.  there has to be a fluffy hat with mis-matched scarf.  what autumn adventure would be complete without a fluffy hat?


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magic fungus hunts in the woods?

I've put my genius into my life; I've only put my talent into my works. -- oscar wilde

I love looking at paints, pencils, beads... anything in zillions of different shades. And the names... I love the names of the colours...

there is something magic about an art supplies store isn't there. one cannot help but imagine all sorts of wonders when browsing the ingredients.

buying colour is wonderful. to buy a rainbow, laid out in a box, in order and in perfect gradation, full of waiting potential... ahhh...

that's why i have such a large hoard of art materials...

well you can come put some of them to use weekend after next if you want. holding another creative day... probably saturday. soup, breadrolls, music, paint and chatter.

thanks, and i would, but i'll be off putting a week's worth of learning into practice, getting ready to paint the night sky in glorious colours. (that saturday night is the fireworks camp public performance.)

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