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giving birth to madame apples
starting a new blog is a lot like a dog shaking from wet nose to tail tip, freeing its fur of fleas and clods of accumulated mud.  my focus has shifted significantly and its easier to start again than revamp the old.  new incarnation of me... new bubble... new blog.

i hope to explore my creativity here.  probably use this place to process my  inner psychology too.  writing things out helps me figure them out. 

i also hope to reach out and connect to other creative bods who understand the fickle nature of inspiraton...  and its precious rush...   the crisp, clean, heart glow one gets from pulling inspiration out of the ether and channeling it into ink... sculpture... dance... paint... dimples and butt wiggles.  perhaps we can help feed each other's fire through this medium? 

most of all i just want to explore life here. 

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Yay Madame Apples!

Really looking forward to seeing your gems. You have such a wondrous and vibrant creativity and I'm excited for you about this new project. Is the focus to write content for yourself, and then share your writings with the world?

love from the faerie menace xxx

one step at a time! and don't scare my creativity back into its cave by suggesting sharing writing with the world. my poor little creative spark is delicate and must be coaxed in just the right way or it will be snuffed by cruel expectations.

the journey will lead where it leads.

Enjoy your new journal, and I hope those creative juices flow.

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