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moving into my life
i think i would like to learn proper grammer, spelling and "correct" ways of writing.  yet another thing i have resisted because of my vehement rebellion against structure... and the emperor-card/my-father's-abusive-control-over-us-kids....  the unfolding of the healing from this last ayahausca circle is allowing me to open to a whole world previously locked away from me because of my rebellion against that shit. 

this last year of peace and happiness has allowed so much change.  i have tentatively peeked outside of the skin of my old self and found that i really like what i see here in the sunshine.  new skin now... shed the old...  the past exists and is valid in the past... but i live now.  here, i do not need to protect myself from the bearded man who caused so much pain.  he is not here.  now is free.  now is pure potential. 


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