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Green Ink

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  • madame_apples@livejournal.com
i am riding Life's fucked up cycles of perfection with enthusiastic curiosity and a set of twinkling dimples.

writing and creative expression connects me to all the juicy wonder that makes life worth living. i love to explore the human mind, non human consciousness and the universe in all its infurating, beautiful, crazy-colour-splat mystery. i am trying to be present in the moment while cultivating ultra fit laughing muscles and authenticity.

i am a artist, dancer, sex worker, masseur, trainee dominatrix and switch, escort, feminist, lover, friend and explorer of consiousness. no i do not want to be hit on here. i do not want to recieve pictures of your cock. i am not interested in interacting with you in a horny way at all. i do that at work so you can contact me there and pay for that service if you really want it. here i get to express myself. please do not disrespect this space.

this journal is my journey. please comment to be added.